What is RICS APC?

RICS APC is the final stage of becoming an MRICS of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The Assessment of Professional Competence demonstrates a candidate’s skills and knowledge necessary to qualify as a professional in the construction industry. There are many routes to apply for the MRICS qualification. The RICS provides the candidate with 22 sector pathways, each candidate choosing a sector pathway will work towards the MRICS qualification by compiling the education and the skills through the practical work environment. The RICS APC consists of a complete demonstration of the mandatory competencies and the technical competencies required to qualify an individual as Chartered Member of the RICS. From assessing the personal skills to evaluating the candidate’s experience, RICS thoroughly identifies the qualities of a professional through the RICS APC.

Obtaining the knowledge and skills to qualify as professional

If a candidate desires to become MRICS of the professional body the RICS, then he or she should be eligible to apply for the membership. Eligibility for the MRICS qualification is through different routes: The Structured Training route and the Preliminary Review route. Candidates can choose the route to proceed on the path of becoming MRICS depending on their qualification standards and experiences on the field of work. Reaching the standard of the institute is tough, but it is not impossible. Candidates require assistance and guidance while progressing towards the MRICS designation. RICS understands that candidates need help. So, the institute provides support through their guidelines, rules and regulations and services. Every candidate applying to become an MRICS should revise and commit throughout the process.

RICS support

RICS offers candidates the option of preparing with a professional. The institute approves the RICS APC Coaching Services across the globe. The College of Contract Management is among the approved service providers offering the RICS APC Coaching Services. The college provides the service through its live online lectures. Candidates who choose to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor of the RICS through the HNC Quantity Surveying and Construction sector pathway can decide to study with the college. Each candidate enrolling with the college will be assigned with a counsellor to assist with the process of obtaining the MRICS qualification. The counsellor will help with the submission and assess the progress of the candidate. The online courses can help the candidate fill the gaps necessary to become an MRICS.

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