Task 1 – Option 2

Option 2


Presented here is a story about how drone technology can be utilized to deliver pizzas. The story is obviously related to digital technologies as the piloting of the drone is automated. Presumably, this will be designated by some code to navigate from the pizza restaurant to the the consumers residence. Additionally as this technology improves and is widely adapted there may be a complex network of drones navigating around each other. This would require a new generation of people with digital technologies learning to create.

This kind of system traditionally worries people. The implications of a network of drones firstly comes with concerns of a lack of privacy or an increase in surveillance. The other principal worry is that it will displace a large amount of people from their jobs, making couriers obsolete. While these concerns are valid, I believe that this technology carries positive implications as well. The fule needed to power a heavy van to deliver small objects is absurd in the grand scheme of things. Battery powered drones, flying as the crow flies present an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional couriers. It is a significant step in the direction of environmental sustainability, made possible by digital technologies.

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