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This lessons explores our far we have come from some of the early first computers on the market.

The catalyst for discussion is the video link attatched ‘Kids React – to Old Computers’.

Additional props in my classroom include an Apple Mac Plus; circa 1988. Including floppy disks and an external hard drive. This computer still works and was my first computer during my first year at Uni in 1988.

During the video we also stop and talk about memory storage with a 32gb flash drive on my key chain – comparing it to a original floopy disk.

We take the external case off the disk to show the students…why it was so named a ‘floppy disk’.

Part 2 of the lesson moves to Word Processing. The catalyst for this is two  vintage type writers on display in the classroom.  A vintage 1967 Corona and a 1987 electric Olivetti.


The above link lets you find out the exact age of your typewriter by using the brand and serial number on the casing.

Then we compare it to the Mac Plus / 1988 and its accompanying printer called an ‘Image Writer’.

Using the touch type electric type writer and also the Mac Plus – I type out a quick message such as ‘The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’.

As a class – we then discuss where the future is taking us and what our own children might be using 20 – 30 or 40 years from now.






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