Task 5 Option 2: Introducing Kahoot!



Resource: Kahoot! Is a game-based learning platform that can be played on interactive whiteboards, computers or mobile devices and screen-sharing sites such as Skype. It’s easy to create, share and play fun learning games or trivia quizzes.


We were asked to find an app or website (this is both) that could turn raw data into meaningful information. This particular program is used in primary schools, high schools and even workplaces as it can accommodate all levels of computer skills (or lack thereof).

As an Early Childhood Pre-service teacher, I am particularly interested in using this program for younger students who would not need to demonstrate any knowledge of how to operate the app or the website They would instead rely on the teacher to create the interactive games and quizzes but be involved in the gathering and provision of data. For instance, I would be particularly interested in starting off with creating quizzes using topics of interest that are provided by the students. You could choose a student to gather information from other students about something like their birth dates and have the teacher create a quiz for the class where they collectively guess who is born in each month or the teacher could conduct formative assessment by setting quizzes using topics that have been learnt during the week. The students would all sit in front of the interactive whiteboard and the teacher would take answers from them and operate the quiz.

Curriculum: Broadly speaking, this app can be applied to much of the ‘Processes and production skills’ of Design and Technologies and Digital Technologies across the years.

It also taps into the HASS curriculum in areas like ‘ Pose questions about the familiar and unfamiliar (WAHASS14), Sort and record selected information and/or data (e.g. use graphic organisers, take keywords) (WAHASS16) and Participate in decision-making processes (e.g. engage in group discussions, make shared decisions, share views) (WAHASS22). To be fair, there are too many curriculum links to list them all.

Criticisms/Concerns: I can’t really find any as students can progress to interacting and creating in games themselves as their computer skills evolve.

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