Task 5 – Option 1

The CyberSmart challenge teaches primary students about: sharing information safely online and behaving safely online. https://www.esafety.gov.au/educators/classroom-resources/cybersmart-challenge

The 3 challenges are:

  • Cybersmart Forever (35 to 45 mins) focusing on the risks of sharing images online
  • Cybersmart Detectives (30 to 45 mins) focusing on privacy, personal information and inappropriate or unwanted contact
  • Cybersmart Hero (35 to 45 mins) focusing on cyberbullying and the role of the bystander

The ‘detective’ activity is especially good as it asks students to think about whether they would post, share or delete a picture/message. This activity promotes a lot of rich discussion and focuses on how to behave safely online.


Another good resource is “beinternetawesome” by google – various lessons that are good for upper primary and secondary and online games that connect with lessons



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