Task 2- Patterns and Play- Option 2

Option 2: Find and share a useful data source that teachers could use as a resource for classroom activities. This could be an online data source, data students could collect in their school or local community or even in their homes. Please share with the community, along with your ideas on how this data source could be used in the classroom.

One website that I have used several times to get data is the Bureau of Meteorology.

Follow this link to go to the BOM climate data online page http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/data/?ref=ftr

I have used this information when teaching about precipitation in science. Looking at the actual rainfall data in different regions can give students a better understanding of our environment and what it means to live and farm in different areas of the state. I live in a rural area where rainfall is often a hot topic of conversation as it effects the livelihoods of our student families and the economy of our town. The information on this website is historical also, so students can see trends and gain a deeper understanding of rainfall and where we live. Seeing the video earlier on in this unit that showed the movement of dots representing graphed information would be a fabulous activity to bring in the data and digital technologies component.

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