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Task 1

Option 2. Find an example of digital technology being used to solve a problem or an innovative digital technology. This could be a news article, a website, an image, a video or some other content. Share what you have found with a brief description in the community as to why you think this is interesting.

One example of digital technology that I have used in one class is the SolarBuddy solar light kits.

Students worked on building the solar lights, putting the components together, ensuring that they worked before packaging and shipping them to communities that didn’t have access to lighting. 
Students engaged in real-world problems, and worked on creating a solution while learning about how solar lighting works as well as sustainability, responsibility and teamwork amongst others. 
SolarBuddy is an Australian charity that aims to educate and empower students to change the lives of other children living in energy poverty in the South Pacific, South East Asia and Africa.


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