Option 2: Algorithms Found in Everyday Routines

Using dental hygiene as the focus for a unit of study in Health in the Early years, I would scaffold the steps students could use to create an algorithm by sequencing picture cards for cleaning their teeth. The use of repeat loops could be introduced to indicate the number of times this daily routine (sequence of commands) would be repeated. If/then, else statements could also be taught using examples such as; If I have finished by breakfast cereal/evening meal, then I can brush my teeth using the set of instructions discussed.

A game of ‘robot’ could be played by students in pairs, one acting as the programmer, the other as the computer. Simple, specific instructions could be given by one student with the other role-playing the steps involved in cleaning teeth using props.
Additional activities on this topic for other KLAs can be found at http://www.bonesandjoints.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Years-F-2-Oral-Health-Teeth-graphic-organiser.pdf

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