MRICS Certification in India

The construction industry in India

An MRICS qualification demand in the Indian construction industry is high and valued by many construction firms all around the nation. Considering the development of the country, we can agree to assume that the country will require more skilled labour in the construction industry. India is the seventh-largest country, and it lists as the second most populous nation, the increasing population in the country leads to employment and one of the sectors in the country that specialises and contributes to the economy is the construction industry. The Indian government is making plans to develop infrastructure, buildings and create innovative projects to increase the living standards of the country. Which means the necessity and the demand for construction professionals are growing. The importance of an MRICS will be highly recognised when the projects increase. As a result, quantity surveyors are also in need to deliver a quality project. The job role of a quantity surveyor is an essential part in any construction project, without a quantity surveyor (also known as cost managers) the construction team will not be able to manage, estimate, evaluate and conduct cost valuation for the project. So without the required knowledge and skills, the candidates cannot become a professional quantity surveyor in the industry. Therefore, the RICS can provide the qualifications for the candidates to become a professional quantity surveyor.

Qualifications to become a professionalĀ 

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is one of the recognised professional bodies in the United Kingdom, offering quantity surveying and other construction pathway qualifications to students all around the world. The RICS reaches out to many countries and establishes the qualifications with standards. India is one of the developing countries which require higher qualification skills for the construction industry, and the country has an opportunity to provide candidates with RICS qualifications. The RICS has announced to accredit 10,000 Chartered Surveyors in India by 2029, and so far at present rate, the RICS has accredited 2500 professionals, and 1200 people are pursuing the programme in India. By partnering with Amity University in India and establishing the (SBE)- School of Built Environment, the RICS is offering the qualifications for anyone seeking to become a professional in the industry. The SBE is not the only option for students, graduates and professionals to become a Chartered Surveyor. There are other options such as online distance learning colleges that can provide the RICS qualifications and programmes to become an MRICS.

Online Distance learning college

Education developments in India is a project that the government is highly emphasising, having a large population in the country, the nation can benefit from many talents, skills and innovations. The development of the IT industry in India has also widened the options of acquiring knowledge through online means. There are no limits while approaching education and qualifications to improve the skills and potentials of a candidate. In the 21st century world, the education system offers more than just campus-based degrees and fulltime courses in universities. The option to study through online distance learning colleges has allowed many individuals all around the world to access the RICS qualifications and become a chartered member of the RICS. An example of an online college providing the RICS APC coaching service with live online sessions and live online counselling sessions is the College of Contract Management. Through colleges, it more accessible to access to online courses, students in India aiming to become a professional quantity surveyor can achieve the qualifications and find opportunities in the construction field. With a qualification such as the MRICS, the candidate is recognised and respected all around the industry and on an international level, creating career development and a diverse option of jobs for a candidate.

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