Difference between MRICS and AssocRICS

MRICS and AssocRICS are standard qualifications which are recognised globally. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors offers the qualifications promoting the study for the management and development of construction, real estate, land and infrastructure industry. The RICS accredits over 500 undergraduate and postgraduate courses worldwide establishing the initial steps for every individual walking the path to become a chartered surveyor. The RICS specialises in property professionals, land professionals and built-environment professionals, providing a diverse opportunity for career development for their professional members and graduate students.

RICS generally specialises in the property and construction-related areas for which accreditation is available, some of which are: BIM manager certification, dispute resolution, building conservation. The institute also considers the highest standards of professional practice and ethics to protect its consumers as well as provide their members with professionalism in the profession. Many students and professionals seek the qualifications offered by the RICS to gain the recognition and the benefits of being in the RICS community.


By completing an RICS accredited qualification, a candidate can proceed to become a member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. For example, an Quantity Surveyor Courses Online is a pathway to approach the RICS community and become MRICS. Not many students have the experience and qualifications to work as a quantity surveyor in the industry so if a candidate is attempting to become a chartered quantity surveyor; then the candidate should complete the basic requirements necessary to proceed in higher studies. For instance: in the UK, not many colleges offer an advanced diploma course in quantity surveying, but the job role in the industry is highly in demand with excellent salary benefits and opportunities. The College of Contract Management offers the diploma courses through online classes for students desiring to qualify for a quantity surveying job. The course will help a candidate to be a part of the RICS membership qualifications and obtain the privileges in the industry. Also the option of studying through online courses will help the candidate to balance between working as a trainee quantity surveyor to gaining experience and learn the theoretical knowledge necessary to qualify as a professional quantity surveyor.


Chartered Membership qualification of the RICS, is one of the most reputed designations an individual can obtain in the construction industry. The difference between an RICS APC qualification and an MRICS is the level of professional standards. Acquiring a qualification accredited by the RICS will help a candidate to become an AssocRICS with an opportunity to become a trainee quantity surveyor in the field. The AssocRICS level is not a membership status in the RICS Chartered Membership qualifications. Chartered Surveyors have designated titles such as MRICS and FRICS. Compared to possessing an advanced diploma in quantity surveying, becoming a member of the RICS brings more benefits to a candidate. The RICS membership standards open the opportunity to explore the essential standards in the construction and infrastructure sector, allowing an individual to become a professional with the right skill and knowledge.

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