Task 1: option 2

Bookalope – Machine learning and AI for e-book conversion and print design.

I chose this because of the move towards e-books and text books are following this. Digital books allows for information to be kept up to date more easily.

The problem was finding software that was suitable to meet the needs of the user.

Issues included the software wasn’t efficient or intelligent enough for the users’ needs.

The user designed their own software to meet their needs and has been building on the software as other users provide feedback.


Problems the software addresses


Uses AI to review manuscripts and highlights issues for you to review and fix.

The software can be used to ensure that e-books will pass industry standards.

It also supports accessibility requirements for assistive technologies for the vision impaired.

Upgrades and fixes outdated and invalid eBooks.


I think this is interesting because I am a user of eBooks and am disappointed when I purchase an eBook and it is clearly broken. This can make the books hard to read and results in the book not being enjoyable.

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