RICS APC Routes to Membership

The RICS APC is the final stage to complete the membership route. The Royal Institution of Surveyors has three levels of membership qualifications recognised globally. The RICS membership levels are

The AssocRics does not have the membership status in the industry, but it is a progressive path in becoming a Chartered Quantity Surveyor in the construction industry. If a candidate is proceeding to become an MRICS or FRICS, then he or she should complete the RICS APC. APC- Assessment of Professional Competence is the assessment of a candidate’s occupational competence. The institute considers the academic knowledge and the experience of the candidate, and the assessment review will be conducted to approve the candidate in becoming a member of the RICS. If a candidate wishes to obtain the membership qualifications, there are few routes in which a candidate can proceed according to his or her skills and knowledge.

Routes to the RICS membership

There are four routes in which a candidate can proceed to become a member of the RICS.

  • Graduate Route
  • Academic Route
  • Senior Professional Route
  • Adaption Route

Each route consists of specific requirements and years of experience to obtain the RICS qualification.

Graduate Route

There are three levels in the graduate route to becoming an MRICS

  1. Graduate-level 1 – this route is suitable for a candidate who possesses an academic qualification, for example, a BSc Degree, an Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying or an NVQ levels 6 with no experience on the work field. The candidate should complete the period of structured training and CPD hours to apply for the APC final stage.
  2. Graduate-level 2 – this route is suitable for a candidate possessing an RICS accredited degree and maintaining at least five years of experience in the work field. The candidate should complete the structured training, the APC training routes and satisfy the requirements for CPD hours by attending CPD courses related to the construction course.
  3. Graduate-level 3 – this route is suitable for a candidate who possesses an RICS accredited degree with ten years of experience in the quantity surveying and construction field of work. With the qualifications of the RICS and the background in managing the fieldwork, the candidate can complete the final assessment through completing the APC and become an MRICS.

Academic Route

This route suits candidates who possess the knowledge and skills of quantity surveying through an RICS accredited degree or surveying related higher degree. With the required qualifications on the academic ground, the candidate can apply to become an MRICS through APC.

Senior Professional Route

This route is for candidates who have become a senior professional in the construction industry. With a degree and ten years of qualification in the field. Senior professionals also desire to become a member of the RICS to earn more professional standards all around the construction industry. Professionals can go through the final assessment interview to qualify in becoming an MRICS.

Adaption Route

This route is for professional candidates who have already obtained a membership status from the RICS. However, if they wish to proceed further from MRICS to FRICS, then they can go through the APC final stage interview through the adaption route and then achieve the qualification.

The RICS and CPD courses

In each membership route, the candidates must go through the APC final stage to obtain the membership qualifications.  The Assessment of Professional Competence also includes the Continuous Professional Development hours of a candidate. The RICS requires every member and graduate candidates to go through CPD courses to maintain the professional standards of the qualifications and deliver excellent quality services to the industry. A candidate can complete the CPD courses through online classes. For example, the College of Contract Management provides CPD courses such as the health and safety regulations and CDM, Risk Management, Tender Management, Construction Disputes and Avoidance and other construction CPD courses. CPD courses improve the skills and knowledge of the candidate and help the candidate to progress with efficiency and professionalism.

APC coaching services

It is essential to complete the APC to get through the MRICS process. Candidates should have a mentor, or counsellor to guide their path in becoming a member of the RICS. The College of Contract Management, an online course provider, offers the APC coaching service for candidates who are seeking the way to become an MRICS. The college provides advise on the pathways and assign a professional counsellor to work with the candidate until the assessment process is over. The CCM UK delivers the service through live online sessions for professionals and graduates candidates so they can continue gaining knowledge and increase the experience by managing work duties.

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