Is MRICS worth it?

MRICS is a qualification standard which can help a candidate to reach professional levels in the industry. For instance, while talking about the construction industry, many of us would love to believe the change and the impact created in the sector through impressive projects and infrastructure plans which should continuously exist to keep the living standards high. However, nothing lasts forever unless it is maintained, monitored and developed with time. While it may be true that the construction industry is a focused sector with the scarcity of skilled labour to deliver quality projects. The opportunity to change the tides is always available for many people in the industry. The industry aims to develop, improve and conduct professional practices in all their projects. Becoming an MRICS in the sector is worth striving for when a candidate has goals to create an enormous impact by obtaining the knowledge and skills.

Insights to MRICS

Listing a couple of benefits to attract a candidate to study the qualification will not be as useful as it seems to convince an individual to obtain the MRICS qualification. Keeping aside the benefits such as international recognition in the industry, higher salary with higher standard jobs, self-satisfaction, being a member of the RICS an institute which maintains professional levels to keep the quality of the profession and title, and the prestige that follows with the achievements obtained through the qualification, there is more to the MRICS status. For example, a quantity surveyor in a construction firm with 5years of experience in the same level of work will want to be more. He or she may desire to explore the opportunities to become a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and become a part of a community which will, in return, give them status and respect in a global range. The individual can seek out to the opportunity and gain the knowledge to achieve the standards of professionalism.


The RICS provides the opportunity to study and explore the competence of a candidate through the courses approved to become an MRICS. There are various routes to take to the membership qualification. Each way has a set of requirements the candidate should meet to become an MRICS. Along with academic skills, occupational competence is assessed through the Assesment of Professional Competence, the final step of becoming a member of the RICS. To study the courses, the candidates can approach training centres, online colleges and universities which provide the APC courses to complete the process in becoming an MRICS.

Online courses to complete the RICS APC

The College of Contract Management in the UK is an online course provider offers the RICS APC coaching services as an opportunity to become an MRICS. Out of the 22 sector pathway, the college provides the quantity surveying and construction pathway helping a candidate to test the competence in all aspects of surveying. Candidates and professionals who wish to make the qualification worth the time and effort can approach the college to get complete guidance on the routes, the pathways and future career opportunities in the industry. The study takes quite an effort to complete, but after all at the end of the journey, the MRICS standards will make the individual’s career path and professional path a success.

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