Visual Programming Option 1: Modifying a Scratch game to show understanding of food chains and habitats

Lesson Ideas with curriculum & integration 

Idea 1 Biological sciences – Living things Year 3  (ACSSU044) / Year 5 (ACSSU043) : 

Students will be presented with a task to create a Scratch game/ modify an existing Scratch chase game that the teacher has created. They must show the different environments (modify backdrop) where living things live (modify sprites). They must also use simple programming to show the living things chased by different predators (showing knowledge of living things and food chains). This can be extended further by students showing how animals are adapted to their environment e.g camouflage.

Limitations – Doesn’t show natural disasters, impact of humans, and effects of climate change.

(Note: Idea 1 is in reference to my previous post on algorithms and flowcharts on living things and thought I would include it again by using Scratch instead of the Makey Makey as an alternative digital tool).

Idea 2 Year 5 HASS (ACHASSK107) & English (ACELT1609):

Students use Scratch to create a short story demonstrating their knowledge of a topic e.g Early Settlers (HASS). Students demonstrate different perspectives on colonial development by using metalanguage and creating a narrative.

Limitations – Scratch serves to enhance, rather than transform the task. It allows for the incorporation of coding within HASS and English, however it arguably falls under Augmentation under the SAMR model. Coding is prioritised over other alternatives such as drama, writing and speaking. Students can instead be offered a choice on how they choose to show their understanding.


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