Task 7 Option 2


Beebot is an educational tech tool that is very commonly used in the early childhood classrooms, and it is a very useful tool to teach children the concepts of sequencing, estimation and problem-solving in a fun manner.

A possible activity that can be done with pre-primary children will be one that incorporates Maths.

This activity will require a Bee-Bot, big transparent pocket mat and number cards.

Educator will place the numbered cards in the pockets of the transparent pocket mat. Subsequently, she will ask a child within a group to move the Bee-Bot to the number that is 1 more than he/she is on. Children within the group will get a chance to move the Bee-Bot to different numbers according to the educator’s instructions (for instance, moving the Bee-Bot to a number between 10-20). As the children do so, they will be encouraged to describe the directions that the Bee-Bot is going (up, down, left, right). This relates back to ACMMG010, where children will get to describe the position and movements of the Bee-Bot, whether it is facing forwards, leftwards, rightwards and backwards. Usage of the Bee-Bot in this activity can also be related to WATPPS05, as children will get to work both independently and with their peers whenever required.

A possible extension to this activity will be linked to literacy, as children can be given the opportunity to write down the different directions that they observe as they use the Bee-Bot. This can link back to ACELA1817, where children can recap on how to read and write high-frequency words and other familiar words.

Possible drawbacks to the activity would include children who might have difficulty in recognizing the numbers that are on the number cards. In this instance, having an education assistant to guide the child alongside the activity will be a good way to help the child who is having difficulties.

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