Task 7 Option 2

Introduction to Bee Bots

Task 1

– Have students in pairs sharing a Bee Bot

– Get students to sit roughly 5 metres opposite their partner

– Have one student guess how many times they have to press ‘forward’ to reach their partner

– Change over and have the other partner guess on the way back


Task 2

Introduce how to get the Bee Bots to turn (either left or right).

Highlight that ‘turning’ only means that they will literally just turn (not move).

– Get the students to send their Bee Bots forwad to their partner but half way across, they need to program the Bee Bot to turn left, left, left, left (ie in a circle) and then continue to move forward to their partner. Swap over.


Task 3

Get the students to program the Bee Bots so that they reach their partner in a zig zag pattern eg. forward 2, turn left, forward 2, turn right, forward 2, turn left, forward 2 etc



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