Task 7 option 2

Topic: Rosie’s walk and algorithmic coding.

Year level: 2

Curriculum link: Work independently, or collaboratively when required, to organise information and ideas to create and safely share sequenced steps for solutions (WATPPS15)

Online resourcehttps://jdaniel4smom.com/2018/05/learn-to-code-with-hen-walking-algorithm-printable.html

The black and white version of the hen walking algorithm based on Rosie's Walk.

Activity: For this activity children will have a rosie’s walk worksheet, bee-bot for each group and two books ‘Rosie’s walk’ for the whole class. Children will use bee-bot and program it to so that bee-bot starts from the starting point and reach to the end point on the working while passing through all the landmarks according to the story. Children can refer to the story books to make sure that they are connecting the landmarks in right order.

Algorithms and programming:  To complete the activity children will take a series of steps, just as computer programmers create algorithms to walk a computer through necessary steps to complete a task. Also, children will have more than one path to reach a specific block. Children will be encouraged to take the most efficient path to reach a landmark.

Extension: To extend the activity further a similar type of map could be drawn on the mat using masking tap, here the blocks can be of different sizes. Children can use a bee-bot ruler to count the number of steps to reach a landmark.

Socio-constructive learning environment: For the extension activity children can work in groups 3 children. Children can assign the roles to complete the task. One child can measure the distance using bee-bot ruler, the second child can note down the data and the third child can program the bee-bot. Children  can interchange their roles during the whole activity.

Curriculum link: Comparing lengths using finger length, hand span or a piece of string (ACMMG037)

Limitation: Children will need high level of modeling from the teacher. Teacher can use ‘I do, we do and you do’ teaching and learning strategy for the better learning results. Also, as the whole class would be participating in the same activity in the small groups, more space might be needed. Therefore, teacher can take children outside the classroom or half of the class can go and play on the pavement.

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