Task 7 : Option 1

Resource: Program the Teacher

Brainstorm what they know about programming.

  • In this activity, students will be responsible for verbally directing their teacher to special destinations in the classroom (e.g. to a bookcase or a closet).
  • The instructions the students give to the teacher must be specific. For example, students should not simply say, “Move forward.” They should instead say, “Move forward (number of) steps.”
  • When sequences of instructions do not work (perhaps because the number of steps taken were incorrect), students should alter their instructions.
  • After the activity is over, the teacher should discuss how important it is to be specific and how important order is in programming.

Curriculum: Digital technologies, Year 1 : Work independently, or with others when required, to create and safely share sequenced steps for solutions (WATPPS10).

Integration: Mathematics Year 1 : Give and follow directions to familiar locations (ACMMG023).

Criticisms/concerns: The teacher should explain to students how important it is to respect each other and the equipment used in the classroom. Create a list of classroom rules governing iPad use, safe and ethical use of ICT should be discussed with the class. The teacher should write these rules down on the rule board, and hang these rules in the classroom every time the class is working with the app.

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