Task 7: Healthy eating!

Resource: The game involves the players using the left and right arrow bottoms to catch the ingredients for a burger. The aim is to make a burger as big as possible, however the game finishes when a bun lands on top of your burger!


Here is the link to the game on scratch: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/316730781/


Year 2

Integration and Curriculum codes: ACTDEK003 (Design & Techonology), ACTDIP003 (Digital Technologies), ACPPS018 (Health and Physical Education).


Students’ prior knowledge: healthy foods and ‘sometimes food’, and, coding on scratch.


Hook: revise on healthy eating and what students have learnt thus far. Then introduce the game. Get students to discuss how the game works and how healthy the burger is. Students are then given the opportunity to play the game themselves.


After students are familiar with the game, the teacher can host a competition to see who can get the highest score. After playing the game, students can come back together and discuss ways of modifying the game. Get students to share ideas on how they would improve the game and what food/ingredients they would use?


Body: Students then go off in pairs, individually or in small groups to brainstorm ideas. Students then pick one idea and develop a healthy recipe for their game. Students then evaluate how healthy their recipe is.


Conclusion: Students come together and share ideas of healthy recipes for their game. In the next lesson students will continue designing their healthy recipe and begin coding their game. Students work at their own pace.


Criticisms/concerns: Students may get competitive with the competition, so students will need to be reminded of having a supportive morale and to celebrate others’ wins.


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