Task 6: Option 3

Year 1: Flow Chart and Lesson Experience

At the beginning of the year students in a Year One classroom could be introduced to the morning routine within the classroom using a pictorial flow chart. This could begin from the point they put their bag down to sitting on the mat ready to begin their learning. As the year progresses this flow chart can be incorporated into a lesson where children could redevelop the class morning routine through creating a new algorithm. Using The Gradual Release of Responsibility the educator (I do) can model the process by redeveloping the morning routine algorithm charts. Students could then as a class brainstorm what they would like in a morning routine of the classroom (We do) and finally students can return to their work station and complete their own morning routine algorithm.

Curriculum Links

If the lesson is used to allow students to create their own algorithm flow chart they can be assessed using the link to Western Australian Curriculum; Use data to solve a simple task/problem (ACTDIP003). This task can be a great way to determine student affect in the school setting. Affect theory can be first attributed to psychologist Silvan Tomkins (1984). Reflecting on student’s algorithms and flow charts may provide evidence to determine student’s emotions toward starting the day and the activities they value and the overall student affect.



This lesson idea could be difficult if the school you are attending has a set morning routine that each classroom follows. If this is the case or the morning routine cannot change you could still complete the flow chart algorithm for a different part of the day or simple task the students are family with. This task may be difficult depending on the abilities in the classroom and may need to be differentiated. Similarly the task could be made more difficult to include writing as well as further detailed steps for more capable students.

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