Task 6 Option 3

Year level: Pre-primary.

Hook: Book ‘Mrs. Wishy Washy’. Teacher reads the book to the children to gain their attention.

Activity: Children to create a flowchart to sequence the steps they take to wash their pet.

Teacher will introduce the topic and let children to brainstorm the things they will need in order to wash their pet. The children will be provided with pictures of resources they will need in order to wash their pet; like, big container, water, soap, brush, comb, putting pet inside the container. The children will be asked to paste the steps from the top to the bottom of the sheet, as they would need to wash the pet. The teacher will model the activity explicitly to the children.


Health and physical education: The children can also create flowchart to correctly order the steps to ‘wash hands’ or ‘brushing teeth’. This activity relates to health and physical education and links to curriculum link (ACPPS006) under health and sports.

Technology: Children can also use online flowchart creators; like, creately.com.This links to the technology curriculum and children will represent data and ideas using an online application (ACTDIK002).

Concerns and Limitations: High scaffolding is required as children might not understand the requirement while forming a flowchart; such as, writing text in the box and using arrow to show process direction. Also, while using an online app to create a flowchart cyber safety is a big concerns. Clear rules and expectation should be established with the children while using any online app.

Higher order thinking skills: Stimulating higher order thinking skills in children is important as it helps children to improve their cognitive abilities and not just memorising the learning concept. In this activity children will combine the information to create patterns and new solutions; for example, how to wash a pet, how to wash hands, how to brush the teeth.

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