Task 6: Algorithms and Programming- Option 2

Task 6: Algorithms and Programming- Option 2

This lesson is designed for students to follow a sequence of steps and identify these as an algorithm. This can be integrated with a Maths unit focusing on location and direction.

Lesson outline:

• Project a copy of the pirate map grid on the board. As a class, walk through the first algorithm, modelling how to transfer the algorithm onto the pirate map.

• In pairs or individually, allow the students to walk through the next two algorithms in order to work out which sequence is correct. Once they have identified the correct algorithm, allow them to use a coloured pencil to copy the sequence onto their grid and check it.

• Using a different coloured pencil, ask the students to add in the two incorrect sequences in order to identify where they lead.

• As a class, in pairs or individually, encourage the students to draw or paste the suggested return algorithm from the answer sheet onto the grid.

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