Task 6 Algorithms and programming

Option 2

This task is aimed at students in Grades 4 – 6. It may be used for a game in HPE to try to reinforce rules for certain games or skills needed for both team games and individual skills. For example, how to play Basketball or Tee-ball or how to throw a discus or how to measure a run up for high jump.

Ask the students to come up with a sequence of steps needed to play the game “Golden Child’. Tell them that they need to make their instructions clear and accurate as they will be trying to teach a class who have never played before.

Example of steps:

  1. Divide class into 2 even teams.
  2. The fielding team is to spread out on the basketball court.
  3. The kicking team needs to line up ready to take it in turns to kick the ball.
  4. The 1st player from the kicking team needs to kick the ball and then run around the court trying to make it back to their starting position. If they make it back, they get a point for their team. If the fielding team gets caught out on the full they are out.
  5. Once the kicker has kicked the ball, the fielding team needs to get the ball and try to shoot a goal at either end of the court. If they shoot a goal, the kicker needs to sit down where they are.
  6. The kicking team repeats this until the last player. This player is the Golden Child. They need to kick the ball and as they run, the players that are sitting down around the court from their team need to run with the Golden Child to try and make it home before the fielding team shoots a goal.


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