Task 2 Option 2

I teach students in Year 5 and I am constantly on the lookout for real life examples of things to share with them in Maths lessons. In my search, I found that our school has “Pocket Labs” which you can connect to your computer to collect data from the world around you using different sensors. Our classroom gets too much sunlight throughout the day so we tend to keep the blinds closed to limit the brightness and heat. However, lately there have been times when the sun is not beaming through the windows. We could use the pocket labs to monitor the light intensity and/or temperature on the window sill over a couple of days to determine at what time of day it would work to open the blinds.

Alternatively, if we didn’t want to set up the pocket labs, we could use a thermometer on the windowsill and record the temperature at regular intervals that way instead.

For more information on PocketLabs (which have many uses other than the above!) you could go to: http://thepocketlab.com

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