Task 2 Option 2

Find and share a useful data source that teachers could use as a resource for classroom activities. This could be an online data source, data students could collect in their school or local community or even in their homes. Please share with the community, along with your ideas on how this data source could be used in the classroom.

After doing some research I came across this gem of a link. Earth Data https://earthdata.nasa.gov

Earth data provides authentic data and data sets to use in the classroom. You can find, use and visualise data on Earth systems including atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere.

This site would be useful in Year 5 and 6. Some possible links could be:

Year 4/5 – Natural disasters (Volcanoes/tectonic plates)

Year 6 – Sea level changes, melting ice caps, ocean temperatures etc

Awesome site!!!

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