Task 2 option 2



Context: I teach in a distance education primary school and have a kindergarten to year 6 class. Internet is not always affordable or accessible/available.

Possible Links: Science – Living world, digital technologies

Maths – data

CAPA – visual arts



On a given day ask students to observe the animals that they see. These are to be recorded on a chart. For younger students the chart is to be provided. Older students construct their own. The animals are to be recorded under the categories of birds, land based, water based (marine or fresh) animals. The information is emailed back to the teacher and collated as whole class data and returned to the students.


Art activity – an empty wall mural is constructed on the school site. Students are sent cut out images of common animals. If students see these animals the images are to be sent back to school. So if a student sees 5 birds, then 5 bird pictures are sent back. If the name of the bird is known it can be recorded on the back of the picture or on the chart. Students draw or photograph images of less common animals. The images can then be placed on the wall mural to become a large infographic.


Maths and Digital technologies – data can be collated and manipulated and patterns identified according to the skill level of the student either manually or online


Science – living world – data can be used to discuss environments, further classification of animals e.g into mammals, reptiles etc,

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