Robots vs Humans


TASK 4- Digital Systems

Option 2: Create a classroom resource that compares humans to computers in some way. It could be the brain, the body, the senses or another comparison. Share the resource with the community along with a description of the resource and how it could be used in the classroom or for teacher professional development.


Read – Are Robots Smarter than Humans?


Make a list of all the ways a computer is smarter than you. Eg calculates faster, can remember long lists, etc

What about all the ways you are smarter than a robot? Can learn to read emotions, have imagination etc


THINK of times when it might be good to have a robot do a humans job? When do we need a human to step in?


Create an image of ways robots could be used in schools, where would we need teachers or other staff instead of robots?


Discuss your ideas with your peers.

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