Potatoe Dodge – task 7 option 1

Scratch program: Potato Dodge by _Electric_ available here: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/326587881/

This is a simple dodging game where two knives are entering and exiting the play space. You have control over a bouncing potato that you can move to avoid the knives and stop being turned into a French fry!

Classroom activity:

Students can modify this scratch program by inserting their own artwork and changing the background image. Students will be able to take advantage of the programming that has already taken place by the game’s author. Advanced students may like to reinvent this game by adjusting some of the values like movement speed, bounce height, rotation speed etc. to see what effect it has on this game. Students can be tasked with creating an easy or hard mode for the game.

This will give students the opportunity to both understand the Scratch program and also modify the Scratch program.

Curriculum links:

Generating and Designing ACTDIP019

Producing and Implementing ACTDIP020


Mathematics – Investigation of Cartesian plots. The play space in Scratch uses cartesian plots to help navigate the game’s sprites. These can be manipulated to change the way the game is played. This activity can be integrated into the mathematics curriculum in year 5 and 6 where students learn about the cartesian plotting system and important of x and y axes.

Literacy – Designing and creating a game manual. This activity can be integrated with the English curriculum to show how this game could be packaged and marketed. Students could use the theme of the game to write a creative text using the characters introduced in the game. Students could also design a manual for the game telling other people how to play, what the controls are and some helpful hints.

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