Lesson idea for Digital Sound Data- Mystery Sound Chatter Boxes

My idea is aimed at Year 3/4 students, ways to represent and transfer Digital Sound Data.

In groups students can decide on 4 everyday sounds they’d like to record (e.g. toilet flushing, door closing, typing, mouse clicking). They then go and record these sounds and create QR codes for the recordings (coloured/easy to distinguish from qrstuff.com).

Students can print these QR codes and create a chatter box (or even just stick the QR codes on a classroom made cube/dice).

They will have the QR code on the inside of the chatter box and the answer under the flap.

Once all teams have made their chatter box they can play each others chatter boxes- scanning the code, having a guess of the mystery sound and then checking their answer.

Here’s a link which shows you how to make a chatter box: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bEQvlSgrhy0



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