how ditital knowledge can support our world!

through out this article there are 4 different forms of ditgital technology that is being used to support people around the world.

1- Worldreader is working towards “creating a literate world.” using digital books to allow assess to books.

2-he nonprofit focuses on enhancing patients’ ability to self-manage their health (taking medications properly and attending appointments), expanding health literacy, and improving care in general in underserved populations primarily through text messaging.

3-to connect the one billion people living in poverty around the world to work using the power of technology.”Samasource provides women and youth with simple digital tasks that are part of a larger data project, enabling them to develop tech skills, while also helping them to make the transition out of poverty.

4-Polaris made the National Human Trafficking Resource Center into a national anti-slavery hotline in 2007, which is available in over 200 languages, and a place where callers can report a tip or receive anti-trafficking services; in March 2013 they established a texting option where victims can text HELP or INFO to “BeFree.”


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