Option 2

Explain and discuss the parts of a human body and the parts of a computer system/network

– Hand each student a card with either a computer part or a body part


Get students to find their pair e.g. Nervous System will pair with the Motherboard


NERVOUS SYSTEM – Motherboard           All computer parts are connected to each other on the motherboard. All electrical signals are conducted through it. Without a motherboard, all other components are lifeless.

HARD DRIVE BRAIN – Subconscious All knowledge of programs, files and data is stored on the Hard Drive. Just like the brain, it is sectioned off for various purposes. The hard drive stores and retrieves all of our precious information and programs for use by use whenever we wish. Just like our long term memories.

CPU CHIP = SPINAL CORD – (Central Processing Unit) A chip that is on the Motherboard that is responsible for processing instructions (commands) received from hard drive (brain). It controls every activities of the computer. Just like the spinal cord, it receives instructions from the brain (hard drive).

RAM – Random Access Memory = BRAIN – conscious thought RAM is a holding area of files and instructions that are to be used and then forgotten about. It allows the computer to multi-task just as your brain’s conscious thought allows you to multi-task. The more RAM, the better your computer can multi-task, and the faster it will perform.

SPEAKER / PRINTER = MOUTH Both are output devices. They produce what the computer needs to give out.

MOUSE / KEYBOARD = HANDS Both are input devices. They are used to send in instructions and information into and out of the computer.

WEB CAM = EYES Web cam detect light and send signals through the optic lens to the visual and the computer to the CPU. Just exactly like how the eyes works sending visual signals to the brain through optic nerves.

MICROPHONE = EARS Microphone receives sound waves and sends it into the computer for processing

MONITOR = FACE This is an output device. It has a screen which it uses to display what the computer is doing or how it feels. Just like the human face shows different expressions.

SYSTEM CASE = SKIN This gives the computer a definite shape. It defines a computer telling us more about it, how it responds to

the conditions around. Same implies the human skin, it defines the human body.

Resource: AdeDan Computer Technology

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