HASS – First Fleet – Scratch

Scratch  enables students to connect with the HASS curriculum in an engaging way.  One example, is to use Scratch to replay the journey of the First Fleet with games and animation.  In this way, children can  also show their knowledge of geography (with interactive maps).   There is also a link with the English curriculum in that Scratch enables the students to develop their storytelling abilities (through considering the same historical facts from different perspectives).

Children can utilise pre-existing media, such as maps, landscape photos, and character artwork. In learning about the geography of a country or region, students can begin with a basic map outline and add their own relevant illustrations, pop-up facts, and games or quizzes about the different areas covered by the map.

I would envisage that this activity would be an end of unit – “show me what you know” – type activity.  It would enable the students to demonstrate their knowledge an understanding in a differentiated and creative way.

Obviously, a limitation on this idea is that students need to be familiar with Scratch in order for it to be effective. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that at Year 4 level, most children should have a reasonable understanding of coding in Scratch.

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