Whats inside the computer ?

Resource: This is a resource I found on the website –  https://www.educationworld.com

Inquiry question : What does the inside of a computer look like ?

In this lesson, students will :

  • explore the inside of a computer
  • learn the function of each part of a computer
  • learn the definitions of unfamiliar computer terms
  • complete a worksheet of definitions of computer parts
  • build their own computer!

Invite students to draw a picture of what they think the inside of their computer looks like. Encourage them to show what they think makes the computer work.

Then have students explore the grade-level appropriate computer at Click-N-Learn. As they read, encourage students to make a list of any words or terms they do not understand. Have them to go to Whatis.com to look up the words on their lists.

Note: The part of this lesson described above might be completed with students gathered around a single classroom computer, with a projected image of the Web site as the whole class explores it together, with students working at individual computers in a lab setting, or with students working individually at a learning center computer.

Next, write a list of words on a board or chart and have students write a one-sentence definition for each word. You might use the words below, or create your own list of grade-appropriate terms:

  • motherboard
  • chipset
  • operating system
  • memory

Then ask each student to create his or her own personal dictionary of computer terms. The five terms you provided for the activity can be the start of that dictionary. Encourage students to add to their lists of terms and definitions throughout the year as they learn more about computers and other technology.

Finally, students can be given recycled materials to build their own computer! They can label parts and give a presentation on their invention.

Curriculum Links:

Digital Technologies Curriculum Area

Knowledge and Understanding: Digital systems (hardware and software) are used for an identified purpose (ACTDIK001)

Integration : This lesson could be integrated with Arts curriculum. Experimentation with, and use of materials, media and/or technologies when creating artwork (ACAVAM107)

 Criticisms/concerns:  Safe use of ICT must be explained and implemented during this lesson. With the younger years levels, this lesson will need to be modified so that the whole class will need to explore the websites Click-N-Learn and Whatis.com. If there is a smart board available then the teacher could demonstrate using these websites to the whole class.

Click-n-Learn Whats inside the computer ?

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