Travel through time.


How have digital technologies, and their impact, evolved over time?

Introduce the unit: with a short clip from Wallace and Gromit-‘The Wrong Trousers’. in small groups discuss and record all the different digital technology viewed. Individually list how these may be used in everyday life.Interactive activity: in pairs- www.pbslearningmedia,org/asset/ate10_int_techovertime Watch: Adventure into the Digital Age with Steve Jobs – History for Kids Students will investigate into a chosen device that interests them.

Suggested activities:

  • Document how it first worked, a later model, todays model.
  • Using the 6D framework – what will the technology will be in 2030.
  • Timeline
  • Positive/negative impacts
  • Students will present their findings in a chosen digital format- Powerpoint, Prezi, Padlet…


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