The Digital Era; Transitioning to Healthcare

Task 1

Option 2. Find an example of digital technology being used to solve a problem or an innovative digital technology. This could be a news article, a website, an image, a video or some other content. Share what you have found with a brief description in the community as to why you think this is interesting.


The Digital Era; Transitioning to Healthcare


The smart phone in Digital Technology is revolutionising the world. A career in programming or coding is innovating the Healthcare industry. This is of interest because it could save lives or stop the progress of diseases/illnesses.


“The ease and functionality that the smartphone is playing in today’s society is tenfold and is set to revolutionise the healthcare industry.  As explored throughout the article, smartphones today can perform and measure ‘electrical activity in the brain, intraocular pressure, blood pressure, ECG’s, recognise atrial fibrillation, perform breathalysers’ just to name a few.”

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