Task 6 option 3.

Option 3: Create an algorithm as a flow chart for an everyday activity or situation. Explain how you would incorporate it into your classroom or teacher professional development (activity ideas).

This is suited for rewarding the class with whole body listening behaviour.

I created this flowchart for students who think they deserve a coin into the bucket filling bank to justify if they really do deserve a coin.

Once the student’s bank is full, they are allowed to redeem it for a coupon that can be used instantly or saved to be used for a later date.

Students can use it to reflect or even use it to justify and point out how they emphasised their mindfulness behaviour so they can receive a coin.

This can be used to remind students of my expectations and they can try each period.

Year 3:

Curriculum code: Digital implementation, using visually represented sequenced steps (algorithms, flowcharts) with steps and decisions (branching) [ACTDIP011].

Integration: This can be tied in conjunction with English where at the end of the day, just before the bell goes, students who would like to appeal for a coin can present their case to the class in as a friendly debate as to whether they should receive a coin or not.

This links with the English curriculum code: interacting with other where students listen to and contribute to conversations and discussions to share information, ideas and negotiate in a collaborative situation. (ACELY1676).

Criticisms/ Concerns: Students may only work towards this because of the reward and hence they are not doing this out of respect for their classroom. However, this does give them an initiative to work towards and will be done for the first 2 terms of the school year as after that, it will be an expectation and the children should be mindful of their behaviour and considerate of others.

Also, there might be some students who might be discouraged as they would not earn as many coins. If that is the case, I will scaffold it and give them a scaffolded rate (instead of all the elements, if they can achieve half, they can earn a coin and slowly build up from there).

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