Task 6 Option 2


A possible activity that can be done would be on the creating of a recipe to make cupcakes, with Year 2 children, as it involves a step-by-step sequence to achieve the final result. Firstly, children will get to place the flour and sugar into a mixing bowl and make a well in it. Subsequently they will get to  add milk, sugar, eggs, and vanilla essence into the flour and sugar mixture, and mix everything together with a large spoon. After that, children will place paper cupcake cups into a cupcake tray and grease the cupcake cups with butter. Subsequently, children will place the cupcake mixture into the cupcake cups, and place them in the oven. Throughout the whole process of making the cupcakes, the children will get to use iPads to take pictures to chronicle the progress. After the pictures have been taken, children will get to upload their pictures on the BookCreator app to create their sequential recipe. 

Curriculum codes that are incorporated: 
– Describe patterns with numbers and identify missing elements (ACMNA035)
– Present data using a variety of digital tools (ACTDIP003) 
– Develop, communicate and discuss design ideas through describing, drawing, modeling and/or a sequence of steps (WATPPS12)
– Construct texts featuring print, visual and audio elements using software, including word processing programs (ACELY1674) 

By doing this activity, children will learn about how to bake cupcakes in a sequential process, and that skipping any steps could result in an unsuccessful baking attempt (for instance, underbaked cupcakes).

Factors that have to be taken into consideration would be food allergies, and it will be ideal to carry out this activity only after confirming that all the children in the class has got no allergies. In terms of health considerations,  using  fruits like blueberries or bananas in place of sugar would be a healthier alternative to making cupcakes. This activity is also bound to take up a considerable amount of time too, especially when using the BookCreator app. Educators can guide the children in taking the photos first, before uploading them into the BookCreator app – this activity can be a project that will span across a few days.

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