Task 6 Option 2:

Task 6 Option 2:


I have found this picture from Pinterest and I think it is quite relevant to this topic. 

Making Burger game: students will work in pairs and take turns to be customer or waitress/ waiter. Different ordering cards will be given to the customer who has to describe his/her order verbally without showing the card directly to the waitress/ waiter. The waitress/ waiter has to make the burger according to the customer’s order. 


This activity enables students to communicate with one another and discuss their idea and thought through describing the sequences of how to make the burger. Also, to extend this activity, instead of giving the students ordering cards, they can create their cards and make it more relevant to their preference.




  1. Rehearse and deliver short presentations on familiar and new topics (ACELY1667)
  2. Create short imaginative, informative and persuasive texts using growing knowledge of textstructures and language featuresfor familiar and some less familiar audiences, selecting print and multimodal elements appropriate to the audience and purpose (ACELY1671)

The students can make a short presentation or write a short text about how to make a burger using sequence words (e.g. first, second, last). 



  1. Create displays of data usinglists, table and picture graphsand interpret them (ACMSP050)

The students can make a graph to represent “Our Favourite Burger” in their class. 



Clear instructions and demonstrations have to be given to make sure that the customer is not showing the ordering directly.

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