Task 6 Option 1

I created a resource on Prezi (presentation slides) targeted at teachers for the purpose of a PD. It explains what decomposition is, and breaks it down into how it is relevant in everyday life, the curriculum, specific subject areas, as well as different year groups. This can be accessed using the bit.ly url or the QR code below.
https://bit.ly/2Zctp0t I decided to create this as a resource to aid what would be a verbal presentation but it can also be turned into an online resource with recorded voiceovers to provide that same PD experience without the face-to-face contact time.
Decomposition is integrated all across the curriculum between F-6 year levels. This resource will allows teachers to better understand decomposition and assist in their teaching of the following content descriptors:
F-2: ACTDIP004 – Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems
Year 3-4: ACTIP010 – Define simple problems, and describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve them
Year 5-6: ACTDIP019 – Design, modify and follow simple algorithms involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration (repetition)
Decomposition will also be a useful skill to have when students begin to encounter more advanced visual programming. Having a foundational understanding of decomposition, abstraction and computational thinking plays a key role in designing of algorithms for visual programs
Year 3-4: ACTDIP011 – Implement simple digital solutions as visual programs with algorithms involving branching (decisions) and user input
Year 5-6:  ACTDIP020 – Implement digital solutions as simple visual programs involving branching, iteration (repetition), and user input
Teachers will easily be able to adapt this presentation into their classes, modifying elements of it that are not as relevant, or even paraphrasing it to target their year level.
Prezi is also a wonderful platform that provides some free services that will be great for students to present that work. It is different to regular presentation platforms as it allows for multi-mode representation (text, audio, video, photos). Prezi would be a good platform for any presentation work that has to occur, particularly in relation to the following curriculum codes (For the purpose of this post, year 5 curriculum was chosen:
English: Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations for defined audiences and purposes incorporating accurate and sequenced content and multimodal elements (ACELY1700)
HASS:  Present findings, conclusions and/or arguments, appropriate to audience and purpose, in a range of communication forms (e.g. written, oral, visual, digital, tabular, graphic, maps) and using subject-specific terminology and concepts (WAHASS61)
Technologies: Collect, store and present different types of data for a specific purpose using software (ACTDIP016)
Science: Communicate ideas, explanations and processes using scientific representations in a variety of ways, including multi-modal texts (ACSIS093)
Here is another video I sourced on Youtube running through the Prezi platform.
Limitations of my activity:
The Prezi platform can be quite slow to load and present sometimes (a few minutes to load everything sometimes). The free services it provides are easy to use and navigate but the presentation platform can sometimes take awhile to load. It is great as there is an element of interactivity however, it has not always run smoothly in my experience. Perhaps this system will run faster when upgrading to the paid versions of platform use and there is an option to work offline in the top paid plan. The lower paid plan is usually $59 but is actually free for education accounts and also provide you with 500mb space instead of 100mb, and the option to set work to private with no watermark.

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