Task 6: Algorithms and programming

Here is task 6, option 2.


Students are required to program a Bee Bot to move to particular spots on a mat, as indicated by the dice (see photo attached).

In small groups, students would take turns rolling the dice. When students roll a number, they program the Bee Bot to land on that same number.

To allow students to meet the learning goals, students should be encouraged to think aloud:

  • What problem they needed to solve (what number they had to get the Bee Bot too)
  • What data was required
  • The steps required to solve the problem

To extend students thinking, students could be encouraged to explore multiple pathways the Bee Bot could take to reach the same number

Curriculum links:

Year 3

  • Use visually represented sequenced steps (algorithms), including steps with decisions made by the user (branching) (ACTDIP011)
  • Create a sequence of steps to solve a given task (WATPPS16)
  • Work independently, or collaboratively when required, to plan, create and communicate sequenced steps (WATPPS20)


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