Task 5 option 3


The online Google resources are a great medium for sharing work and collaborating on a piece of work together. Google has resources such as slides, docs, sheets and forms. It allows for multiple users to work on the same document at the same time. The document can then be shared with others.


Prezi is a free online resource that allows for elevated presentations. This resource is geared towards collaboration as it allows for multiple users at once. The free version of this resource does require public access to all finished presentations, however for a small fee students will be allowed access to the premium version that keeps all presentations private.


Class dojo is a medium of sharing work to students’ parents/ guardians. This app allows students to share their work with their guardians in real time. This is a safe and secure network in which parents will need to be invited to be able to see the work that has been shared with them.



These resources can be used throughout the entire curriculum as collaborative thinking is part of the general capabilities. The Technology (ICT) capability and Personal and Social capabilities are very integrated in these resources.



On my recent prac I used Prezi as a KWL chart. This allowed students to work on their individual KWL charts but then a class one as well. It was easy to access and all the students worked on it at the same time. 



Students will need to be taught about netiquette and thinking before posting. This would be a great way to show students their digital footprint as any changes on a word document can be retrieved and attributed to a person.

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