Task 5 Option 1: Information Systems

Storytelling: Discuss scenarios and real-life situations

Storytelling is powerful because it forges connections among people, and between people and ideas. Sometimes messages can seem abstract to young children when delivered as simple statements or advice. Therefore, only lecturing students about the dos and don’ts about digital citizenship isn’t enough to have an impact.

Across all year levels, educator can tell stories, scenarios or real -life situations involving digital dilemmas in the classroom and have children to reflect on and share their thoughts, whether using ‘think, pair’ share’ or in small groups. Educator can also have children posting their thoughts and comments about the issues onto their classroom blog or create a discussion forum on Seesaw for children to discuss the issues. Constant reminder of the safe and ethical use of technology is needed throughout these lessons. This also links to the ‘analyse’ level of Blooms’s Taxonomy where children listen to and make connections to the stories and their thinking.

One other sequential lesson I can think of that is pretty hands-on for young children is getting them to actually create a strong password on a safe online platform such a Classdojo after the storytelling lesson to make sure children get to apply their knowledge and understanding in a practical way.

Teaching students about “sharing information online safely” or “behaving online appropriately” is also one of the general capabilities (Ethical Understanding) on the WA curriculum.

Stories, scenarios, and real-life situations involving digital dilemmas are ideal for classroom use. Students can relate and reflect on issues, and may even feel comfortable sharing their own experiences. There are a number of places online where either videos or written scenarios are published (https://www.pinterest.com.au/mrskmorris/digital-citizenship-scenarios-and-videos/). These can be ideal prompts for discussions, responses, reflections, or role plays.

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