Task 5 option 1

Year level 1

Topic: Safely sharing personal details.

Curriculum link: Share and publish information with known people in an online environment , modeling strategies to stay safe online (ACTDIP006)

Specific learning goals: 

  1. Students demonstrate the understanding that some information about themselves is special because it makes them unique.
  2. Students know that they should never give out their personal details online without parent or teacher’s permission.

Hook: Children watch the video ‘Wild about safety with Timon and Pumbaa: Safety smart online.’


Activity: Ask children to get into groups with everyone else who has the same following things as themselves:

  1. Lives in a same house
  2. Same first name.
  3. Same last name.

By the end of the process, each child should be standing alone. Ask the students to put up their hand if they are the only person in their group. everyone should have their hand up. Ask them to explain why are they standing alone, that is, no-one else has the same name, same last name.

After this children will watch a video from ‘Hector’s world Episode 1: Details, details…..’. Children will watch the video two times.


First time, after watching the video at the conclusion teacher will ask a child to quickly explain what was the video about.

Second time, before playing the video teacher will ask children to look for the information and remember:

  • What information was Ranjeet going to send in the video?
  • What Hector’s suggestion was?

Teacher also asks children why do they think its not safe to share their personal information with others.

Extension activity: Children can be asked to write about two personal details they should not share online and why it is not safe to share it online. This activity links to English curriculum link (ACELA1453)



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