Task 5: Option 1


It is important for children to know the netiquettes on how to share information online safely. They need to know the dos and don’ts from a young age Therefore, teachers need to provide a deep engaging lesson that offers a new perspective on cyber safety education.


Year Level: Year 1

 Curriculum Link : ACTDIP006: Share and publish information with known people in an online environment, modeling strategies to stay safe online.


Purpose: Students will be able to develop an understanding of online environments and the need for safety considerations.


Material: Book: DigiDuck’s Big Decision




I will start the activity posing a question to the children: How should I behave online? Then, I will invite them to listen to DigiDuck’s Big Decision, written by Lindsay Buck and illustrated by Ciara Flood. This story revolves around DigiDuck who has a lot of friends. DigiDuck cannot wait to attend his friend, Proud Pig’s, birthday party. The evening before the Birthday, he plans to send a silly picture of Proud Pig to his online friends. However, before he sends the picture, Wise Owl intervenes and helps DigiDuck to release his action and his consequences. I believe this story is child-friendly and helps children realise their responsibility online. This resource is good to start conversations about online safety early and enable children to explore and understanding about online behaviours and risks.



To teach children about “behaving online appropriately”, I chose to use children’s literature. Integrating children’s literature into a topic like cyber safety has many benefits. It provides students with the opportunity to respond to the story and develop their own opinions about cyber safety. This will strengthen their cognitive developmental domain as it encourages them to think critically about the topic. Using literature also help students to develop emotional intelligence. Stories like DigiDuck’s Big Decision have the power to promote emotional and moral development about the correct use of technology in a child-friendly manner. Thus, I have chosen to use “DigiDuck’s Big Decision” to create awareness about cyber safety in the early years.

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