Task 5: Option 1

Pre Primary: E-Safety Lesson



Resources and Lesson Ideas: Hectors world is an online 2-D animation containing fun and engaging characters. Students can observe characters as they learn to be stay safe online. Hector and his friends experience a variety of scenarios that offer children guidance on managing safety and the importance of safe behaviour online.

Lessons: Students can view Hector’s World episodes and use the lesson plans as a guide to key learning outcomes. One particular lesson looks at student’s personal details and how important our individual information. The activity sees students make groups with people who have a range of similar characteristics. The idea around this activity is by the end no students is in a group as our information and characteristics are individual and we need to keep them safe. After the activity students will watch an episode of Hector’s World looking at keeping this information safe. The activity uses a collaborative learning approach while also allowing for ICT integration.

Curriculum Links: This learning resource links closely to the Pre-primary curriculum under digital implementation at the end of Year One students will engage with information known people have shared in an online environment, and model strategies to stay safe online (ACTDIP006). I had the opportunity to conduct a Hector’s World lesson while on prac and the student engaged well with the characters and content.

Integration: This lesson could be integrated into a number of learning areas. We could integrate with the literacy curriculum in which students are required to use comprehension strategies to understand and discuss texts listened to, viewed or read independently (ACELY1650). Similarly, as the animation includes animals this could be also be linked to the Biological Sciences curriculum.

Limitations: Depending on the students and their experience in making groups this lesson may need to be adapted. The activity may take students some time and require some of the characteristic questions could eliminated to speed up the activity.

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