Task 5: Animal Jam & Chicken clicking!

My lesson idea is aimed at Year 2 students and links in with the ACTDIP006 Digital technologies code.

1st resource: https://www.animaljam.com/about_us

2nd resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFIeB6QT4WY

Lesson structure/idea:

Read the book called Chicken clicking. Then use the pair-share strategy to get students to discuss in pairs “how can you protect yourself online?”. Students then share their ideas with the class.

Create a table as a whole class to compare information that students would share with the public versus information students would share with close family and friends. Students could then also work in small groups to create a mini role-play that describes one way of protecting themselves from online danger.

Students then create a profile on Animal Jam, which is an online game that gives students the opportunity to practise sharing information online safely by: creating an alias profile and playing various games that teach online safety and etiquette.


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