Task 4:Past and Present Communication Year 1

Past and Present Communication Year 1


Resource: It is important when learning about technology to reflect on the past and how technology has changed over time and the impact this has had on our lives.


This resource from teacher starter was used on my final teaching practicum along side a short video to introduce communication from the past and present. It allows students to sort communication technology ranging from letter writing to modern day phones. This shows students the change in technology and allows them to identify features of technology at different time points.


Curriculum: This lesson links to the Year One Western Australian Technology curriculum under digital systems “Digital systems (hardware and software) are used in everyday life and have specific features (ACTDIK001).” This resource would be best used as a diagnostic assessment. When I used it on practicum, students were sent back to their desks and asked to design a futuristic piece of communicative technology with annotations of its features. At the end of the lesson as a plenary, I organised a game of whole class memory with the images from the slide show. Students needed to state whether the technology they flipped over was from the past or present. This allowed me to further gauge students understanding. This resource is an engaging lesson that could be integrated into a technology unit of work to introduce students to digital systems and changes to technology.


Integration: The resource could be easily integrated with a HASS unit of work linking to all aspects Past and Present Family life found in the year one curriculum (ACHASSK028, ACHASSK029, ACHASSK030).


Criticisms/Concerns: Educators should be aware that this particular resource is downloaded from teacher starter at a small cost. However, it could be easily constructed at no cost using a similar template.  Keep in mind that not all students might have had exposure to the communicative technology being described and discussed and take this into account during diagnostic assessment


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