Task 4- Option 3- Past and Present Technology

Lesson idea- Students could explore the development of cars from carriages to old cards, modern cars and electric cars.

Goal- Students can identify similarities and differences between cars and carriages.

Lesson steps-

  1. Hook- Students would watch a film clip of the movies Cinderella (animated version) and Cars.
  2. Body- Teacher shows images of a carriage and cars.
  3. In mixed-ability groups for peer-scaffolding (Bruner, 1978) and Social Constructivism (Vygotsky, 1978), students discuss what they notice about the
  4. Teacher explains to students the meaning of similarities and differences.
  5. Students explain similarities and differences of cars and carriages from the clips and images- Teacher completes a class Venn Diagram with student input.
  6. In mixed ability groups, students create an informational text (single words describing similarities and differences) between cars and carriages in Book Creator or they can make a car and carriage out of recycled materials and verbally explain similarities and differences. Students can present to the class or someone in their group films student presenting their comparisons.
  7. Conclusion- ask students what they learnt about, in particular, what are the similarities and differences of cars and carriages?


  • Film clips of Cinderella and Cars
  • Images of carriages and cars (obtained from Google Images)
  • Recycled materials


  • Technology-Students create texts using information systems in groups (ACTDIP006)
  • History (HASS)- Students will ask questions about past and present objects (ACHASSI001).


  • Fine Motor Skills- Students develop these skills by constructing their cars or carriages.
  • English-Students create texts using software and word processing programs (ACELY1654).
  • Cross-curricular perspectives and General Capabilities:
  • Sustainability
  • Literacy, Critical and Creative Thinking, ICT and Personal and Social Capability


  • Mixed-ability groups

Students who require extension could write sentences and say sentences about similarities and differences of cars and carriages.


  • Could be time consuming.
  • Students may have difficulty constructing their cars or carriages.

















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