Task 4: Option 3

Topic: How have mobile devices changed over the year.

Year level:  Year 2/Year 3

Learning Area: The impact of changing technology on people’s lives (e.g. at home, work, travel, communication, leisure, toys) and how the technology of the past differs from what is used today (ACHASSK046)

Curriculum Link: HASS and Digital Technologies

Specific Learning goals: To engage students in the general topic of technologies. They will be able to explain the use of technology and identified how technology has evolved throughout the year, by describing the similarities and difference.


1. Students will watch a video clip title “Kids react to rotary phone” from youtube.

2. Then in pairs, students will discuss how different rotary phone is compared to a mobile phone that they use now.

3. Students will be posed with some open-ended questions about the old and new device (what is it used for? How is it used? what is the ring tone? what is the sound of a dial tone? Can the phone be carried around? how do you speak? How does the person on the other end hear your voice?).



1. This activity will be conducted in rotation groups, where the students will explore the four types of phones throughout the years.

1. Exploration phase: There will be four rotation stations, and each station will focus on one type of phone. The stations will consist of a physical phone, an informational video about the phone and pictures of how the phone was used in the specific time.

3. In the respective stations, students will be required to draw, write or record their observation about the phones.

3. Once the students have explored all four stations, in their groups, they will be asked to chronologically arrange the phone according to its respective invention timeline.

4. Finally, they will present their timeline and provide their reasoning.


 Extension for the next sequential lesson

Group or Independent work: Students can design a future phone device, describe the phone’s characteristics and provide reasoning for their design.


1. Time allocated for rotation stations might be limited for students to explore the material, observe, discuss and reflect. An option will be to break this activity into two sequential lessons.

2. It can be hard to locate some old phone. Though some can be found in shops like Salvos, Vinneis or antique shops, these phones might be expensive.

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