Task 4 option 3

Topic or investigation question: How cameras have changed over the time?

Year level: 2

Learning area : HASS

Curriculum link: How the technology of the past differs from what is used today (ACHASSK046)

There could be two sequential lessons for this topic:

Lesson 1: Old and new cameras.

Activity: In this activity children would be given an opportunity to compare how the cameras have changed over the period of time. There are two options by which children can compare old cameras and latest cameras. First, if teacher has an access to an old and new camera she can bring them to the classroom and let children compare. Second, children can watch videos explaining how cameras have changed over the time. Following are the links of two videos that the teacher can create a QR code for children to watch :



Once children have watched the videos, children will be asked to move to their shoulder partner to think, pair and share the information about how cameras have changed. This ‘think, pair and share’ strategy will help struggling children to stimulate their through process. Later children would be asked to write main features of old camera and new camera in a ven-diagram worksheet provided by the class teacher.

Limitations and concerns: As children would be watching videos online cyber-safety is the main concern. Teacher should set rules that children must follow while watching educational information online. Also, children need a lot of scaffolding for this activity. Teacher should model how to use a ven-diagram to describe the features of old cameras and new cameras.

Integration with other learning areas: Art and English.


Children can draw the pictures of old cameras and new cameras (ACAVAM107) and them can make a small oral presentation explaining how the old and new cameras are different to each other, and are there any features that are still same in old and new cameras? (ACELY1667)

Lesson 2 extension activity 2: For the extension activity children could compare the old photos to the new photos. Features like; black and white, coloured, clarity of photos could be discussed. Parents and grand-parents could be asked to send some new and old family photos with their children to the school.

Limitation: Parents should be informed about the activity and the resources required at least a week in advance. Teacher should be sensitive that there might be possibility that few children might not have old photos of their families; therefore, teacher should bring some old and new photos to the classroom for children who do not have any old family photo.


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